Think about the relationships in your life that are bonded together by community and good beer.
Friends. Partners. Family.
At Calibration Brewery, our family is bonded by a shared entrepreneurial spirit and a love for good beer. Glen and his son Nick launched Calibration Brewery after exploring the exciting world of home brewing and realizing that they were on to something. They brought a vision of what a brewery should be: community-centric, a place to eat good food made sustainable, and a great pint of beer. Together, they opened the doors to Calibration in July 2016. They launched with their flagship Scottish Ale, and haven’t stopped… continuing to innovate and bring great flavors and experimental blends to the world of Craft Beer.
Welcome to Calibration. Join our table and build some new relationships of your own.


As the brewery nears its first year in business, Flatland reached out to Glen Stinson, owner of Calibration Brewing, with five questions about his fledgling company.
Flatland: What can you share that demonstrates the brewery’s growth since inception?
We started out as a seven-barrel [brewhouse] system with 15 fermentation and conditioning tanks. We still have room to grow. Our hope is to start distributing before the end of the year. We started out with seven different beers and now have 16 different beers.
Flatland: What was the biggest initial challenge to open the brewery?
Meeting self-imposed deadlines. Since we served as our general contractor, doing the construction, designing and work was enjoyable but at a great effort.
Flatland: What milestones would you like to note?
Getting our patio area open. Although we are nowhere near completion, it is great to see our patrons enjoy the space. Bocce ball courts are soon to come.
Flatland: What’s the most rewarding aspect of operating the brewery?
Looking back and seeing what has been accomplished. Also, getting to know the different personalities of those working at Calibration and appreciating them as our greatest asset.
Courtesy of flatlandkc.org